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Nexis 4

Nexis 4 is a tool for managing identities, roles and permissions. The developers’ focus here is on efficient and easy management of identities in your business.

Nexis 4 is characterized by the following features:

  • More than 150 pre-built workflows are included
  • Management of identities without any programming knowledge
  • A wide range of options for graphical processing

As with all solutions we offer, you benefit from a comprehensive service with Nexis 4. Of great importance here is the consultation on the various technologies. This is the prerequisite for choosing a solution that exactly fits your requirements. If you choose Nexis 4, we will take over the planning of the entire project. We then set up the system in your company and configure it according to your requirements. Even after the implementation is complete, we are always there for you if you need services in the areas of support and monitoring.

ForgeRock Autonomous Identity

ForgeRock Autonomous Identity combines identity management with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). This provides a wide range of analytics capabilities.

ForgeRock Autonomous Identity offers the following features, among others:

  • AI-powered analysis of identity data.
  • Detection of risks and attack surfaces
  • Role engineering for easy role management
  • Continuous machine learning for optimization of systems

We would be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice on all the features of ForgeRock Autonomous Identity. This will allow you to make an informed decision on whether this system is right for you. We are also happy to implement this solution in your company and take care of all configuration details. We are also at your disposal for monitoring and support tasks.

Omada Identity Cloud

Omada Identity is one of the leaders in Identity Governance and Administration according to Gartner. In addition to the on-premise solution, Omada Identity Cloud is another alternative to choose from. This provides all identity management functions via the cloud. This reduces investment costs and increases flexibility.

The following features are available with Omada Identity Cloud:

  • Comprehensive risk management functions.
  • Intelligent control of rules and policies
  • Full overview of access rights in real time
  • Easy configuration without programming skills

As part of our Technology Advisory services, we go into all the details of this solution. If it turns out that Omada Identity Cloud meets your requirements, we plan the implementation and then take care of the implementation and configuration. We also offer a comprehensive monitoring and support service.

Omada Identity

Omada Identity is listed by Gartner as one of the leaders in the Magic Quadrant for Identity Governance and Administration. The focus here is on high transparency in the management of rights and identities. This allows you to maintain an accurate overview of which employees can access which areas.

Omada Identity offers the following functions:

  • Transparent display of all identities
  • Detection of risks for unauthorized access
  • Easy management and compliance
  • Efficient management and smooth workflows
  • Flexibility and scalability

We will be happy to advise you on all the advantages and disadvantages of Omada Identity. This will help you choose the right solution for your business. When you choose Omada Identity, we take care of all aspects of planning and implementation. In addition, we offer long-term support and monitoring services to ensure high availability and smooth operation.

One Identity Manager on Demand

Identity Manager on Demand is the cloud solution from One Identity. Its functions are very similar to the on-premise version. The difference is that here the complete identity management runs in the cloud. This leads to a flexible solution without long-term commitment. The cloud connection means that no high investments in hardware or software licenses are necessary. In addition, using the cloud enables secure and easy access even outside your own IT infrastructure.

Key features of this solution include:

  • Cloud solution: scalable and flexible
  • Risk reduction through decision-making support
  • Real-time comprehensive reporting
  • SAP certified

Even if you choose One Identity’s cloud solution, we will be by your side throughout the entire process. We help you select a suitable solution, we draw up the plans, we take care of the implementation as well as the configuration, and we are also at your disposal for long-term support and monitoring.

One Identity Manager

One Identity’s Identity Manager provides a practical solution for companies that want to invest more time in innovation and new products and less time in their IT management. Market research firm Gartner listed One Identity Manager 2021 as one of the leaders. KuppingerCole also ranked One Identity 2021 in the top group.

The Identity Manager offers the following features, among others:

  • Risk reduction through comprehensive provision of security information.
  • Starling Connect for identity management for cloud applications
  • Comprehensive data governance capabilities
  • SAP certification

We offer comprehensive services for this solution. These start with Technology Advisory. This consultation will help you select a suitable solution. We then begin the concrete planning as part of the process and architecture design. In addition, we take care of the practical implementation: configuration, implementation and integration. Even if the Identity Manager is already in operation, we are there for you by taking care of monitoring and support.