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Stop the Breach in its Tracks

We help to reduce the risk of security breaches by minimizing the attack surface using an approach aligned with your reality. Discover more

Digital branding of your organization goes through a Login Box

Consumers are only few clicks away from leaving a website after building a bad impression. We help you not only in improving the user experience of the login journey but also in securing the first point of attack which threatens the reputation of your brand.   Discover more

From Zero to IAM Hero

Make or Buy? We help to answer this question and to select the correct IAM approach which fits to your needs. Even if you start at Zero, together we can reach heroic status and turn your projects into success stories.   Discover more

IGA processes in the most seamless and efficient way possible.

How we work?

Whether it’s a little job or a large one, our clients should see results right away. Transparency, frequent feedback, and a predictable expenditure are all components of our trust-building strategy from the beginning. Therefore, we’ve followed best ways such as agile concepts from the outset. We deliver in sprints and maintain a constant dialogue between our developers and customer.

The following approach is an illustrative example based on the agile methodology that we adopted in several projects:

Application Owner
Active Directory
Service Owner
Target System

Different Accents

Not only in terms of diversity and people’s accent, but also in terms of different project and IT accents. Each project has its own accent, and we make sure to accentuate its success.

Straight Talking

With us, you will know what to expect and when. If there is a simpler solution, we will tell you. If we can't do something, we will tell you. We steer clear of small print, and we deliver what we promise.

Continuous Emerging

Innovation never stops, we do our best to keep ourselves updated with each emerging technology, to keep learning and to keep gathering new experiences.


We love what we do, and we do only this. Our focus is Identity and Access Management and all topics and technologies needed for this. This allows us to provide a holistic approach tailored for IAM.

Our Values are our

Everything we do at Security Accent is defined as a cluster of core values that represent a shared mission for our company and commitment to our clients

Our Solutions Providers