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One Identity Safeguard

Attackers are continually exploiting security flaws. The prime target: privileged accounts, which provide deep access to your systems. With the One Identity Safeguard suite, you can secure these privileged accounts, and enable an identity-centric Zero Trust model for just-in-time access. Collect, store, manage, authenticate, record and analyze privileged access. Reduce your stress level over

The platform itself consists of Safeguard for Privileged Passwords, Safeguard for Privileged Sessions and Safeguard for Privileged Analytics for vaulting, session recording and analytics. There is also Privilege Access Suite for Linux, Privilege Manager for Windows (for Windows PEDM and endpoint control) and for Windows AD PEDM, One Identity provides its Active Roles Server product. Safeguard for Privilege Analytics tracks user activity in real time and compares activity to session data collected from the wider IT environment. Safeguard for Privileged Passwords grants role-based access with automated workflows designed to speed up provisioning and authentication. Administrators can sign into the tool from a web browser with support for mobile devices while the tool is itself protected by two-factor authentication further enhancing security.

All of One Identity’s solutions offer an easy-to-use dashboard interface to control specific settings and task loads. The product can be implemented as a protocol proxy so that minimal changes are required to the network and monitoring, recording, and analysis of privileged sessions is achievable without having to onboard any assets. Session activity can be captured via keystroke, mouse movement and windows viewed. All sessions are recorded as video and stored in a secure, searchable database.

CyberArk Privileged Access Manager

With a history dating back to 1999, CyberArk is one of the more experienced providers of PAM systems. In response to shifting market demands, it has continued to add technological functionality to its broad portfolio of products.

For many years, CyberArk has been a leader in the PAM sector, and it continues to offer one of the most comprehensive options in the market, as well as adding new features and capabilities on a regular basis to stay up with market demand. On-premises, hybrid, and cloud infrastructures are all supported by its different PAM modules. It holds a dominant position in the market and continues to be the solution of choice for many competitors as it offers a real time threat detection and remediation and an effective DevOps support with an Intuitive and robust UI design.

The following services are provided by CyberarkPRIVILEGED ACCESS MANAGER tool:

  1. Managed Privileged Credentials
  2. Isolate & monitor sessions
  3. Threat detection & response
  4. Manage nomadic devices
  5. Remote access to PAM
  6. Adaptive MFA & SSO