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Control access to privileged accounts

Many businesses today, whether on-premises, in the cloud, or both, lack complete insight into their privileged accounts. Many organizations use spreadsheets to keep track of privileged account passwords, which is inefficient and raises risk. PAM allows companies to track privileged access from a single location, automatically providing and deprovisioning individuals as their jobs change or they leave.

Restriction on credential sharing

Many administrator accounts are shared across numerous people within an organization, and they frequently use the same password across multiple systems for ease. PAM can assist firms protect themselves from these threats by ensuring that each employee has their own login. PAM can also be configured to employ single sign-on (SSO) authentication to keep passwords hidden from users.

Prevent privileged account attacks

To protect privileged account credentials from being exploited or stolen, Companies might store them in a separate and secure repository. Because they hold the keys to an organization’s most sensitive data, privileged credentials are a favorite target for external hackers. Administrators can use PAM to place time limits and other restrictions on user access, as well as automatically remove privileges as soon as an individual moves to another role or leaves the company.