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Business outcomes

Business Outcome: From
zero to IAM hero

Small businesses with few employees may easily manage access by removing, granting, and reviewing it, and may even have predefined roles or access templates. It’s not the case for large enterprises especially in a world shaken by pandemic-related repercussions. Therefore, IGA solutions are becoming an important part of many businesses’ security strategies because they combine access governance’s entitlement discovery, decision-making process, access review and recertification with user provisioning’s identity lifecycle and role management.

Complex business challenges to address

Improve audit and compliance performance
When it comes to compliance and auditing, IGA automation solutions are a game changer. IGA makes compliance easier by automating, repeatable procedures that are always audit-ready, from guaranteeing strict adherence to government privacy standards to simplifying access recertifications.
Reduce costs and mitigate risks
Your implementation risks, cost and time are reduced by the centralized visibility features of IGA and the automated operational activities that bog down IT personnel and eliminate unnecessary requests, reviews, certifications, and approvals.
Allow authorized business users to have lower-friction access
User productivity may have a significant influence on the bottom line of a firm. IGA provides users with access to the systems and applications they require to swiftly ramp up and remain productive, even as their roles and responsibilities change. IGA also relieves IT of burden by automating activities like as access requests and fulfillment, while ensuring secure policy enforcement that complies with compliance policies.

An enterprise’s security portfolio would be incomplete without a well-defined identity governance administration program. Therefore, before evaluating IGA products that differ in the intensity of IGA functions, it is critical that businesses scope their IGA requirements thoroughly. Most IGA products are better suited for either provisioning or governance focused deployments.

In this new landscape, we help you to select the correct IAM approach which fits to your needs. Even if you start at Zero, together we can turn your projects into success stories to reach heroic status by building an effective strategy and making an appropriate access decisions.

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